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Hand and foot Castings

Custom Framed

Special Finishes Available


Now with a large selection of Picture/Gallery Frame Mouldings to choose from to suit any budget or taste!

2 Castings Custom Framed starting at only $124.95

White Satin or white pearl Castings, many colours available for backgrounds.





Tanner 9 Years Old




Special Finishes Available

Custom Framed

Custom to any size depending on the look you want and to match the proportions of your

 babies hands and or feet!

There are many colour combinations available and many

samples for you to find your own creation if you choose.

 Here are some more popular ones.

 these are truly one of akind

Full Package prices

Finishes available for the impressions,

From a metallic finish to sealed natural stone.

There are even more options for backgrounds and frames,

With a wide selection of frame mouldings to suit any budget or taste.




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